4 Tips For Improving SAAS Customer Service

If you are offering software as a business service, then you may find it challenging to boost yourself in a very saturated market. One of the greatest ways to achieve a high score is to provide a quality customer service.  But how you can do that? Let’s take a closer look at some useful tips to better your SAAS Customer Service.


#1 Understand customers you’re targeting

The very first tip for you to improve your SAAS customer service is to understand who you’re targeting. Creating buyer personas will be the best way to help you and your team determine the type of customer that you are trying to attract. Buyer personas are fictional, generalized representations of your ideal customers created from insights pulled from current, former, and potential customer data.

One of the most critical steps to create a comprehensive image of your ideal customer is to conduct some interviews to get to know what drives your target audience, find out the trends and similarities in their thought process. From having a deep understanding of your buyer persona, you can create the content and messaging that’s most compelling to your customers.

#2 Create engaging content

When you clearly understand the kind of customer your marketing efforts are focusing on, you can create and distribute the content that will make them reach you. If your business has a blog, write posts that provide your potential customers with information about your product, related useful tips and highlight the features that make it helpful and unique. Also, creating content getting answers to frequently asked questions about your product or services will increase the quality of your SASS customer service, thus further solidify the authority that your brand has within your industry.

#3 Upgrade your customer experience.

Your customers’ satisfaction is your success, and if your customers aren’t having a good experience while using your product, they’re unlikely to staying with you any longer once their free trial is over. In other words, improving your customer experience is a vital step to prove your SASS customer service to be comprehensive.

It would be smart to constantly assess your customer experience in using your product to identify where the improvements should be made. You should wonder whether you have a thorough yet welcoming onboarding experience for new customers any whether you use social networks to connect with them and respond to their questions.

These is a host of things, which is little or major, can drive product engagement rates and customer loyalty. Just note that a customer who has a positive experience in your product is more likely to subscribe your service, so make sure to keep them delighted.

#4 Use behavior-triggered email campaigns

Behavior-triggered email campaigns are based on the actions that your customers do or do not take when interacting with your product. This enables you to send emails that truly matter to each individual customer, thus make them satisfy with your SASS customer service. The following behaviors may indicate a lack of engagement:

  • A long duration spent on one task, which indicates that the customer might not know how to proceed
  • Short sessions
  • Long periods of time without accessing

Customers with these behaviors should be sent emails that can help guide them back so that they can use your product. The content to give them could be user guides, walkthroughs, and offers for live demos or conversations with your customer support.

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