5 reasons why Lumia 950 is popular with smartphone users

After conquering smartphone users’ hearts by Lumia smartphone lines with impressive imaging capabilities, Microsoft expects its market share will grow by 3% at least in the US market, by innovation in the form and the content of the product. And Lumia 950 is the most plausible answer. Launched not long ago, Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL have quickly won the hearts of smartphone users. What are the reasons?

Lumia 950

  1. Windows Continuum Feature

You can connect Lumia 950 with Microsoft Display Dock to use external display, keyboard, and mouse. The Office and Outlook apps will be enlarged on the desktop to create optimal conditions to help you work more efficiently. Thanks to Lumia 950, you can enjoy the experience like on a PC with your small phone.

Lumia 950 Smartphone

  1. Excellent monitor

Lumia 950 is equipped with a Quad HD screen of 5.2 inch. The screen quality is highly appreciated by experts. It provides the ability to display work and entertainment content with the best quality. Besides, AMOLED screen technology makes reading easier in the sunshine and 3 Gorilla Glass durable toughened glass supports scratch-resistant, you will always feel secured to entertain and enjoy content on Lumia 950.

  1. Perfect camera

Lumia 950 Camera

20MP camera sensor helps you capture sharp images of moving subjects and triple LED natural flash technology helps to balance light exactly in dark environment. Moreover, Rich Capture allows you quickly adjust the color saturation of the bright or dark areas and add or remove flash after shooting. Of course, Lumia 950 is still capable of shooting 4K video with high quality and not inferior to other smartphones on the market.

  1. The top configure

With Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 6-core microprocessor combined with 3GB RAM capacity, all operations on Lumia 950 takes place smoothly. You will never encounter slowed machine status. Supporting for fast charging via USB-C, great battery life and wireless charging, Lumia 950 has full power and performance you expect on a high-ranking smartphone.

  1. Support for fast charging

Microsoft showed that Lumia 950/950 XL could charge battery up to 50% in just 30 minutes via USB-C port. Additionally, the usage time of these devices in theory as follows:

  • Maximum standby time: 12 days
  • Maximum talk time (2G): 23 hours
  • Maximum talk time (3G): 18 hours
  • Maximum music playback time: 67 hours
  • Maximum internet access time (wifi): 9.5 hours
  • Maximum video playback time: 10 hours

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