5 scandals about product names Apple has ever encountered

Maybe you do not know, in the past, Apple has encountered a lot of legal trouble for the names of their products. Even the name Apple is no exception. In 1978, Apple Corps, a company active in the music industry accused Apple of copyright infringement of their name. To settle this incident peacefully, Apple spent $ 80,000 in 1981. Here are 5 other cases related to the disputes over the name Apple ever encountered.

  1. HealthKit

After Apple introduced a new component in iOS 8 called HealthKit giving users the ability to better control data related to health care, a start-up project of Australia also named HealthKit said Apple used this name without any previous contact with them.


Talking about this issue, Alison Hardacre, co-founder of the project HealthKit, said: “Clearly, Apple likes our name but I was indeed a little bit disappointed when they cannot take 5 seconds to contact us before.”

This project went into operation in 2012 and resulted from Wired said, Apple has not contacted this company to the agreement until the present time.

  1. iPhone

Apple even “borrowed” the name for its popular smartphone. Accordingly, Linksys has sold a product bearing the name iPhone since 1996 and it was licensed by the parent company Cisco.

Later, Apple and Cisco have come to an agreement in which Apple is entitled to use the name iPhone, and both sides will have some ways to cooperate in several areas of mutual interest. The financial costs of this mission are not published.

  1. iPad

To use the name iPad, Apple had to take no less effort.

The year 2010 marks the first time Apple entered the playground of modern tablet with the introduction of iPad. However, you probably do not know the trademark iPad belongs to an Asian company called Proview.

Proview sued Apple constantly, but Apple successfully purchased the trademark iPad from this company in 2009, however, Proview still banned Apple from using this name in the Chinese potential market. The mess continued to last until the matter finalized, Apple is free to use the name iPad worldwide while Proview pockets additional $ 60 million.

It was known that Proview had many difficulties in finance at that time and they had hoped to receive $ 400 million from Apple.

  1. iCloud

iCloud cloud computing service launched in 2011 with the name said to come from… iCloud Communications, another cloud service which has operated since 2005.

Later that same year, Apple has had to go to court because of the name iCloud again. In trial developments, iCloud Communications did not forget to repeat the name “iPhone” of Cisco as a perfect demonstration for… the namesake history of Apple.

Still, Apple won the case. A few months later, iCloud Communications renamed Clear Digital Communications. The simple reason is actually iCloud Communications has not registered the name iCloud and Apple quickly got the opportunity.

  1. Snow Leopard

Following the tradition of naming Mac operating system inspired by the species of cats, Apple launched Snow Leopard platform in 2009. Until 2012, Apple has been surprised when suddenly being sued by a Chinese company called Snow Leopard Household Chemical Co.

Specifically, this company said Apple had violated the ownership of “Snow Leopard” since they registered the equivalent phrase “Xuebao” in Chinese in 2011. Still, this case cannot obviously be conducted by Apple does not use the word “Xuebao” to promote its products in China.

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