Who would believe that a person can start a business depending on Mother Nature?

If you want to see the turning leaves in autumn this year, you do not need to travel over a long distance anymore. Just stay at home and place your order on a website named ShipFoliage.com. You will receive an envelope including autumn leaves delivered right to your doorsteps.


You may think that it is a joke, but it does happen. The start-up business offering these unique products was established by Kyle Waring, an entrepreneur from Boston, England. What he wants to sell is a bundle of three leaves with three different colors: red, yellow and orange. All the leaves are carefully selected by Waring. He preserves them and then sells them on the Internet. The price of each product is 19.99 dollars, plus shipping cost. Though the business is just few days old, it seems to be quite promising: according to Waring, in the first 20 hours online, there were 50 orders which were placed already.

In fact, the “production” of Waring is more difficult than it may seem. The owner of the biz said that he had to go hiking in order to look for the most “perfect” leaves with beautiful and consistent colors. What’s more, the foliage selected had to fall naturally and should not have any damages.

During a typical hike of Waring, about 200 leaves are collected; however, only one-tenth of them – may be 20 to 30 – are necessarily ready for sale.

As Waring stated, his preservation process is actually quite basic. He uses glycerin to keep the leaves in good condition. Waring believed that the leaves would remain beautiful within up to five years, yet he could not be 100 percent sure because in fact, his business has just started this year and he began making his products not so long ago.

In spite of working at an advertising company as a full-time product manager, Waring, who is just 27 years old, also wants to be a businessman. And there he is – a young man with an unbelievable but incredible idea starts a biz without asking for investment.

However, this is not the first time Waring sells such a unique thing. It may be so surprising that it can make many people think: “What?! Why on earth could he come up with that idea?” Last year Waring established an enterprise named ShipSnow and sold snow from Boston! Believe it or not, he made a profit with five figures and more than 700 pounds of snow was sold. The snow job last year was so good that Waring is having an intention of continuing that business this winter. He offers packages of snow and each of them may weigh 12 or 22 pounds.

Waring also reveals that he is now working on some projects that are service-oriented. Who knows what is happening next? Surely it will not be selling flowers for spring because it seems to be too normal for Waring’s style.

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