ADrive Review: Low-price cloud storage service

ADrive is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to use cloud storage services at low price. Their free plan is among the most generous in the industry, despite of the fact that it’s a little more limited in terms of features.

The advantages

Back up 50GB at no charge

ADrive’s free cloud storage plan is considered the most generous in the industry, with 25 times the average amount of storage space available without fee. This plan is ad-supported and a little more limited in terms of features, but it’s still more than enough if you just want a place to back up and sync your documents. You’re not allowed to use the ADrive desktop application as a Basic plan user, but that shouldn’t limit your access too much.

ADrive Review

Be extremely fit for limited budgets

ADrive’s paid plans are highly flexible and relatively affordable considering the amount of storage space they offer you. Personal users who grow out of the Basic plan are provided with 100GB of storage space for just a few dollars monthly. Whenever you want more, upgrade to the higher level to get extra storage space. You’re able to grow your plan without amount restriction, but anything over 10TB requires you to discuss with a sales representative to think up a custom solution.

Easily transfer your files

ADrive users are able to upload documents to their account via FTP, SCP, and SFTP. Many other cloud storage providers only let their customers transfer files through the service’s web interface or desktop application. ADrive also enables you to manage and upload your data via WebDAV, another relatively unusual tool among cloud storage services and allow you to access all of the files you’ve stored in the cloud without having to log in to your account on ADrive’s website.

Conveniently edit files from within the cloud

ADrive integrates with the CRM software Zoho so you are able to edit your documents being in the cloud without having to first download them to your computer. Any adjustments you make are automatically synced to the cloud and all your other devices.

Control who has access to your files

ADrive allows you to share custom links via email to give others access to your files and folders. If you don’t want to provide someone with full access to your files, change their permissions to read-only mode. Another cool thing about ADrive’s sharing tools is they offer you the option to limit the period of time others can view your files. Set an expiration date on shared files and, when that date is over, the file will be automatically adjusted to private mode.

The disadvantages

Free plan comes with no SSL encryption

In ADrive, only the Premium and Business plan users have their documents protected by SSL encryption to keep documents safe. Basic users must upgrade if they want their files to be kept more secure. For some, it is not something serious, but for those who have confidential files that require great protection, SSL encryption is a must.

Basic users can’t upload large files

Basic customers of ADrive only can upload 2GB per file. Although it seems to be plenty for most documents, it becomes an issue in some cases, for instance, if you need to upload large videos to the cloud. In this case, it’s smart to look for some other options or consider upgrading to a paid plan.

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