Apple, a master in creating technology trends

When it comes to Apple, people will think of the elaboration, endeavour in every product and the leading technologies. Many people think that Apple has invented these technologies, however, is this true?

  1. Fingerprint sensor

Fingerprint sensor

Back in 2012, the fingerprint sensor was not strange to users but they were still “indifferent” to this technology. Until Apple integrated this feature under the name Touch ID on iPhone 5s to hear more “fashionable”, we started paying attention to sensor technology or security with the fingerprint and Apple are the people who put this feature into a required standard on the recent iPhone line in particular and midrange or high-level smartphones in general.

Apple is not a pioneer in this field, they did not invent the fingerprint sensor but has set up a relatively large leverage helping fingerprint sensor in general and Touch ID in particular, to create sympathy and make more users desire to own this technology, which was launched a long time ago but ignored before Apple bring it back.

  1. Graphical User Interface

Graphical User Interface – GUI has been around a while. However, not until Apple participated and put this concept into strong growth through Lisa computer released in 1981, followed by Mac in 1984, did users become familiar and gradually abandon the habit of using command lines with their computer.

Some people might believe that Apple “stole” GUI concept from Xerox, but it is easy to find two things to prove that they were wrong. Firstly, Apple has been licensed lots of GUI features by Xerox. Secondly, some GUI concepts regarded as standards today were developed by Apple’s engineers in the process of upgrading the first Mac version.

Thanks to Apple in developing and making GUI become a trend, the computers since then have been friendly with more users. Now, not only children but also the elderly can use these dry machines.

  1. USB

Bondi Blue iMac version is a reckless product, ambitious but also very difficult to understand of Apple. Many people believed that the engineers designing this computer had a “problem” when they removed the floppy drive (a critical component at that time), even “abandoned” the traditional data ports such as ADB or SCSI. This is really a very risky step of Apple.

And yet, Apple, once again, made USB port popular until now with even the ordinary users. Although some PCs at that time had a USB port, iMac was the first computer completely breaking compatibility contrary to the old ports, and the computer from Apple has promoted the introduction of peripheral devices as well as PC lines integrated USB port.

  1. 3D Touch

When introducing iPhone 6s, Tim Cook unveiled 3D Touch, a technology identifying users’ interaction force on screen in order to give suitable tasks. We can say this technology is still in its infancy and needs the contribution and development of Apple’s programmers and engineers, but similar to its predecessors, it is quite successful and increasingly becoming a widespread trend.

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