Apple always takes the lead in the technology trends

Since their inception, Apple has been one of the “big guns” of the technology world because of the sensitive as well as intelligent business strategies. Besides, they can reposition and improve existing technologies in ways that are attracting users. Below are the clearest proofs.


  1. Multi-touch

This is the most authentic “evidence” in proving Apple is a company leading technology trends. When Steve Jobs demonstrated a kind of “magic” on the screen of the iPhone debuted in 2007 with his fingers, many people really believed that Multi-touch was the invention from the laboratory (R & D) of the Apple, but ironically the truth was quite different.

The multi-touch technology has existed long before iPhone was launched and been performed by Jeff Han at TED Talk conference on February 2006. Apple owning Multi-touch is simply the result of the acquiring company called FingerWorks in 2005.

However, we cannot deny Apple has put Multi-touch up a new level and become an indispensable feature. Multi-touch is not invented by Apple, but what they did actually put this technology into specialty branded “Apple” and made lots of smartphone makers at that time have to work hard to bring this technology to their products in order to satisfy consumers.

  1. Computer Mouse

Another product is not Apple’s invention but widely known by one of their products. Computer mouse was invented by D.Engelbart in the 1960s and until 1981 consumers could use it. But with an operating system only using the command lines, what can we do with a mouse?

Once again, Apple has shown the vision ahead of their time through long-standing technologies. When launching the first Mac, Steve Jobs and his colleagues have changed and opened up a new concept in using computer mouse more efficiently.

With the appearance of the user interface with icons more vivid and intuitive than dry lines, computer mouse began to show clearly its important role. Now with just one mouse click, you can do many things that previously we would have to type long and complex command lines to implement them.

  1. Trackpad

Have you ever imagined how would we use our laptops if there were no touch pad? Of course, there are now alternatives such as wireless mouse, but if you were in the 90s, you would not have any other option except the cumbersome trackball to do the data entry mechanism.

Apple, through the introduction of the PowerBook500 notebook line integrated “elegant” trackpad panels with compact size and extremely handy, put the trackball into the “museum” and made laptop manufacturers have to create laptop models integrated trackpad to attract customers.

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