Apple will open retail and online stores in India

India is known to be the second most populous country in the world and also one of “the power foursome” in Asia – Pacific Ocean area (there are Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines except India). According to several surveys, the use of smartphone in these countries has had a substantial increase from 2013 with the figures of 545%.


Therefore, India is considered a greatly lucrative market and attracts many technology giants and Apple is one of them. However, if formerly, Apple’s products could reach consumers only through the franchise stores, now things will be completely different. According to information on gsmarena page, Apple has submitted an application to the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) of India for permission to open retail stores in this country. Mr. Amitabh Kant – DIPP’s secretary told The Times of India that they had just received a request from Apple and they were considering it. In addition, he also said that Apple was seeking approval from the Government to sell products through their own online stores.

Apple store

Previously, Apple had intended to infiltrate into India market through the online as well as retail stores, but they had to face many difficulties because the government of this country regulates that foreign direct investment (FDI) is owned only 51% of the shares and the products must have 30% derived from domestic supplies. However, since October last year, these regulations have been loosened and companies like Apple may finally take a step in the implementation of the plan to expand their market.

As said, at present Apple only sell their products through a network of franchised stores. With this new rule, Apple now can open their own retail in India, just as they did in several countries worldwide.

The franchise stores are also designed similarly to the design the official Apple stores, however, they are not the same. If Apple is allowed to open shops, this is surely very good news for Indian users, as from now on they will be able to experience the product as well as service mode from the rightful owner.

Just a few days ago, Apple opened two retail stores in China and soon after the Apple store in Singapore continued to operate. And now is India. This move of Apple is a signal that they are approaching the Asian market and if so, it will increase the chance that this giant can decide to open an Apple Store in our Vietnam.

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