Best business telephone services with VoIP features

Finding a business telephone service among a huge range of options is not a difficult task.  However, choosing the right one for your company which offer solutions for businesses depends on your unique needs is definitely not an easy one.

First of all, scalability and affordability are essential priority to every organization. Besides, the best business phone services will give you a lot of flexibility, allowing you to mix and match different types of extensions to package the most cost-effective solution.

Voice-over-internet-protocol (VOIP) is also considered one of the most important and popular features the telephone services provide for growing companies. The following are the best telephone services providing VoIP features that small business owners will want to check out. Some of them save time, effort, money or a combination of those. Some say you can’t have all three, but you can.

Virtual Call System

Virtual Call System  is one such splendid service that utilizes the power of the internet and VoIP technology to meet the communication needs of any business. The highly sophisticated features of Virtual Call System enable companies to set several call handling options, mainly based on the time of the day, the number of the caller, the extension and a wide range of other scenarios.


Virtual Call System simply aims at making business communications smoother than ever

The Nevada-based company has more than 40 years of telecommunication experience, with staff from former AT&T Corp visionaries. VirtualCallSystem literally outperforms even the most costly PBX systems available out there. The company simply aims at making business communications smoother than ever.

BT Cloud Phone

 BT Cloud Phone is a call-management service that’s hosted in the cloud. Thus, firms don’t need an office-based phone system to benefit from the latest call management features. And, best of all for a solution that takes full advantage of the latest IP technology, this service is so easy to get started. In no time at all you can benefit from all the functionality of a traditional phone system, but have the flexibility to do so much more. And whatever the future holds – moving to new sites or expanding your workforce – BT Cloud Phone can adapt to meet your changing needs.


 BT Cloud Phone is a call-management service that’s hosted in the cloud


This is another solution that brings smart, sophisticated business phone technology into small business by using the power of the cloud. Larger organizations will appreciate the ability to set up auto attendants and call forwarding rules to handle the large number of calls they receive on a daily basis.


RingCentral is well known for their Internet fax services

RingCentral’s Office service also enables you to set up audio and video conferences. Depending on the plan you go with, you’re able to host up to 50 people on a single call. RingCentral is also well known for their Internet fax services, which are among the best in the industry. RingCentral also integrates with third-party software, including Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce, and Box.

Organizations who use these services on a regular basis should definitely consider RingCentral as these integrations go a long way toward streamlining communication between you and your customers.


Nextiva offers what businesses running a call center need most — reliability. The system has a documented uptime of 99.999% in the last year, the highest of any VoIP phone service provider. We also like that the Nextiva system can serve your entire business, not just your call center team.


Nextiva system can serve your entire business, not just your call center team

The call center plan is a service that’s tacked on to the company’s general office phone service. This saves money because users only have to purchase the call center services for those employees working in that part of the business. Between the two plans, you have access to nearly any feature you could think of, all for a highly competitive price.


Vonage is one of the most popular and well-known VoIP services in the industry and their plans are designed to be very flexible and scalable to suit small businesses and enterprises alike. There are three types of extensions available, and you can mix and match them however you want. Metered extensions are a cost-effective option for employees who don’t use the phone often.


Vonage is one of the most popular and well-known VoIP business telephone services

Unlimited extensions are the most popular and let you call as much as you want for a monthly flat rate. Virtual extensions are ideal for employees who spend a lot of time out of the office. All extensions enable you to host conference calls, forward, or transfer calls as needed and connect through the Vonage Mobile app when you’re on the go. Like the two companies mentioned above, Vonage also offers integrations with third-party business software, consisting of several popular CRM software, although it does cost extra if you want to use these services. The additional fee is only a few dollars per month, though, so it shouldn’t put you over budget.

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