Best tools for personal finance

Balance personal finance is one of the most difficult things needed to do in everyone’s life. There are so many expenditures rounding up such as spending on articles of daily necessity, children’s tuition fee, insurances, household expenses, food and travelling. Therefore, if you cannot increase your income or do not have skills on controlling personal expenses, your financial situation may look really stone-broke. However, we are living in the modern time so there is no reason for not taking advantages of internet websites or phone applicants that could help us track our spending and investments. Moreover, some tools even offer financial advices and help you plan.

Some highly recommended sites is as free personal fanacial management website for the Canada and the US, which allows you to budget as well as connect and view all of your financial account (Web, Android, iPhone)

PayPal: is an American company which operates internationally as a payment system which pays for many things online securely. (Web, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry)

Simplifi: Helps you reach financial goals like saving for retirement or repaying debts

Credit Karma: is a free credit and financial management website and mobile phone applicant for Americans, which offers a free score and advice on how to improve it.

Portfolio Monkey: an integrated tool which analyzes your expected returns, losses, also lets you reallocate your portfolio.

Some highly recommended tools

iWallet: is a free app used in iOS devices which tracks income and expenses.

IexpenseOnline: is expense and budgeting management software used in iOS and Android devices. This app gives guidance on improving habits related to income-expense.

TurboTax: let you calculate and file taxes electronically. This app could be run on Iphone and Android mobiles.

Easy Envelope Budget Aid: Which produces budgeting reports (for Android only)

Debt Dog calculates the true cost of purchases on Credit (for iPhone only)

With the development of the technology, there are so many websites and mobile software which could help your improve your financial situation. There aforementioned tools are just a few. When being installed, they will function as tracking the transactions, giving early warning when you are about to run out of money, giving advices on investments and helping you budget.

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