Cure for high blood pressure

Cocoa beans contain antioxygened substance – flavanol can increase the amount of nitric oxide in blood and stimulate blood circulation. People who eat 1/3 a bar of chocolate every day can reduce blood pressure and death rate by 50% compared to those who don’t eat. This is updated information to people who love chocolate.

They also notice that people who eat many products made of cocoa are not bigger than those who eat less.

What about women? “The effects on men and women are the same, even with the older and younger”, said Mr. Brian Buijsse – a nutrition expert of Wageningen University in Netherlands participated in the research.

Cure for high blood pressure

1.  Be positive and smile regularly

A research on 25.000 people above 65 years old show that those who have are positive have less chances of having diseases related to blood pressure because postitive mood creates a balance between reactions of nervous system and chemical reactions. It also helps you reduce stress.

To prove that positive mood relates to blood pressure, researcher have investigated on 2654 Mexican – Americans with the average age is 72,5. They have discovered that people who have positive mood also have less chance of getting blood pressure diseases, especially those who don’t use lowering blood pressure medicines. However, positive mood also have positive effects on them.

2. Eat potatoes regularly

A recent study by researcher of Institute of Food Research (Britain) shows that eating potatoes is very useful to people who have high blood pressure.

According to scientists, kukoamine in potatoes can improve your health by helping you to get a good sleep and reduce your blood pressure.The study also shows that boiled potatoes are better than fried potatoes.

3. Enough sleep

People in middle ages who sleep 5 hours a day are easily to get high blood pressure. Scientists of Columbia University (US) have confirmed this after a research on 4810 people from 32 to 86. According to experts, sleeping helps slow down heartbeat and reduce blood pressure.

4. Drink little fat milk

A research of Dr. Luc Djousse, Brigham hospital (Boston, US) shows that 4797 people participated in the research prove a connection between eating products from milk (cheese, yoghurt and milk) with blood pressure. The index of average systolic blood pressure of people who use milk the most is 2,6 mmHg, which is lower than those who use the smallest amount of milk.

The study also discovers that people who consume little fat milk the most are less likely to have high blood pressure (by 54%) than the other.

5. Products from soy beans

Use soy protein supplements can reduce high blood pressure – this is the result of scientists of Tulane University in New Orleans (US)

After choosing 302 older people and allowing them to use soy bean supplement or deactivated carbon in 12 weeks, scientists found that blood pressure decreases in those who use soy beans and the change appears clearly the most in people who have the lowest blood pressure: 140/90

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