Facebook Messenger Android app now for Non-Users

If you’re searching for an open messenger app then facebook brings a nice deal for Android users. They have recently introduced a new feature to their Messenger Android app, which let you to log on without any facebook account. Your name and your phone number is enough for it to get started without needing your facebook account info. Simply we can say you don’t have to have a Facebook account to use the Facebook Messenger, but it only if you’re an Android phone holder. This new feature let Android users to send texts, photos and other content with each other, Facebook said in an e-mailed statement. It’s clearly indicates that Facebook in a mood to gather customers who have been deleted or denied for a facebook account.

Facebook Messenger Android app now for Non-Users

Facebook introduced this new features looking at the demand of people towards smartphones and tablets for their communication and computing needs. Anyways this app is a great alternative against other messenger apps like GoogleVoice, Kik, WhatsApp, and all others. Most interestingly, it’s an open source messenger app. No doubt, through this app facebook is going to collect a huge amount of customer for itself. It’s said that, over half of the social network’s 1 billion active users already access the service on their smartphones or tablets.

This new feature of Facebook Messenger is also about to launch in iOS platform very soon. But it’s currently rolling out to Android users in India, Australia, Indonesia, South Africa, and Venezuela. But according to the company, this messenger app will shortly available in other markets too. Menlo Park, California-based Facebook has stated that, “We’re doing this because we’re serious about messaging and realize that limiting the reach to just those on Facebook limits the ability for people to reach anyone in their address book.” It’s also said that, Facebook is thinking to buy WhatsApp, an ad-free cross-platform mobile messenger that let users to send and receive messages without an additional fee. So, it indicates that Facebook is going to be the leader in online communication in a very recent future.

To get started with this app you just need to visit Google Play Store, then download and install the app in your Android phone or tablet. After it sign-up to it with the simplest process ever to sign-up, need only your name and phone number and finally tap on “Get Started” option to get started.

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