Five dangerous diseases caused by alcohol

Drink too much can cause diseases of liver, mental and behaviour disorders, degeneration of the nervous system, contamination, stomach and heart disease. Those are diseases with a high rate of death. Bad effects of alcohol Research show that a high level of alcohol goes inside bodies can cause many bad effects on physical and mental health. First, it affects mental health directly: stretch blood vessels, especially the outside ones. This explains why we feel warmer when we drink alcohol. After drinking, the natural process of adjusting body calories is gone because alcohol causes anesthesia which makes you no longer feel cold. Therefore, drinking alcohol in winter may lead to death of chilling cold. *Alcohol has a huge impact on brain. It also affects sex and the ability of having children. Alcohol making people lose self-control and increase arousal. It belongs to one of the substances that have bad effects on testicular and sperm. Men who drink before sex not only increase the rate of abortion but also affect the development of the unborn children. Moms who drink during pregnancy are easy to have mentally – retarded children. Diseases caused by alcohol addictionHepatitisHepatitis caused by alcohol addiction is the condition in which liver tissues are inflammatory and necrotic in 1 – 2 weeks. Symptoms include: anorexia, nausea, vomit, stomachache, fever, jaundice and mental disorder sometimes. The disease can turn into cirrhosis because of alcohol after years. Cirrhosis is caused because the liver tissues are damaged usually. Liver with fat is an early symptom of hepatitis because of alcohol. If the patients stop drinking at this period, the disease can be cured by itself. Even a little of alcohol can affect livers badly if it is used together with medicine containing acetaminophen. Hepatitis usually happens on alcoholics, but people who often drink can also have hepatitis. Alcoholic hepatitis can cause death, especially if patients used to have hepatitis before. Delirium tremorDelirium tremor only happens on alcoholics. This is the most common and serious complication in alcoholics. It is also known as “alcohol withdrawal syndrome”. Delirium tremor’s causes are nervous system toxicity and metabolic disorder due to alcohol. This disease appears after stopping drinking from 12 to 48 hours with 2 kinds of common symptoms. The first one is delirium consciousness disorder: lose the ability of space and time direction, difficulty in identifying families, insomnia or a flutter of sleeping with nightmares; always in nervous, worried and stressed conditions, cannot see; have hallucination,…Patients tend to have defense respones which endangers other people. The second one is mental disorders: patients can tremble, stutter, and lurch so easily that they can get brain damage, bones break, organs rupture… More severely, patients can have convulsions like epilepsy. The condition of consciousness disorder can increase in evening.In addition, people with delirium disorder also have serious autonomic nervous system disorder such as sweating profusely like bath even when resting, thirsty, pale face, less elastic skin, little piss, nausea, vomit, stomachache, loosen shit, fever, fast heartbeat, unstable blood pressure… A very few delirium tremor cases can be cured by themselves after a few days. Most patients will get worse without treatment; the disorder turns into worse and causes patient death.

Five dangerous diseases caused by alcohol


High level of alcohol is one of gout’s symptoms. First, redundant and accumulated alcohol will cause troubles in metabolism and energy transformation. The accumulation of alcohol in glene causes gout which destroys joints chronically and leads to swollen and painful gout. Drink strong wine constantly increases the level of acid uric in blood. Complications of gout can cause liver damage and kidney stones.

Cardiovascular disease: Heart is made of muscles; so high level of alcohol beverages can weaken muscles as well as heart. Heart can’t pump blood as effectively as normal. The higher the blood level is, the more pressure the heart has to suffer from. This pressure narrows blood vessels, increases pressure in blood and forces the heart to work harder. It also causes heartbeat disorder.

Gastritis – Duodenitis:

Stomach is the first place alcohol reaches after being put inside the body. Only in five minutes, 20% of alcohol will intrude on blood by slipping between epithelial cells which produce mucus. Then, alcohol weakens gastric protection epithelium; therefore, the rate of having infection diseases, heartburn, inflammatory ulcers and bleeding.

Alcohol addiction affects the whole family as well. The use of violence with family members or roommates can be a high pressure in family life, usually leads to divorce. Alcoholics’ children might have specific characters or behaviors in the future, especially the risk of becoming alcoholics or being close to alcoholics.

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