HPE released Synergy – new hybrid cloud platform

Aimed at helping hybrid cloud users strike the right work-cloud balance, recently, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) has launched a new platform dubbed HPE Synergy, which is capable of running both traditional and cloud native application. The company declared his new service is a “new class of system to power the next era in hybrid infrastructure“.

As companies adopt hybrid clouds, they will become increasingly aware that these half private half public clouds do not provide an instant one size fits all solution and HPE Synergy, it says, will give hybrids the flexibility to adjust.

The converged platform based on the new Composable Infrastructure. It lets organisations to run a hybrid infrastructure by taking advantage of ‘fluid resource pools’, software-defined intelligence and a single API. All the principles are designed to act as a foundation for organizations to easily maintain a continuous balance between on-premise and cloud computing.

Thank to it infrastructure , HPE Synergy enables a wide range of applications and is recommended for customers looking to deploy a scalable hybrid cloud environment and enable continuous DevOps.

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Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) has launched a new platform dubbed HPE Synergy

Synergy creates resource pools including computing, storage and fabric networking capacity. These features can be calculated for each case, depending on its needs and the available resources. Therefore, its Synergy platform will allow customers to boot up infrastructure, ready to run physical, virtual and containerised applications.

According to HPE, the software-defined intelligence is able to self-discover and self-assemble the exact configuration and infrastructure needed for repeatable frictionless updates. While the unified API offers 100% infrastructure programmability, a bare-metal infrastructure-as-a-service interface and a single line of code to abstract every element of the infrastructure.

On the other hand ,the HPE OneView UI offers a single chance to programme and control the  for all types of storage within the infrastructure very quickly. The HPE OneView user unerface acts as a window on the entire range of different tyoes of storage that an enterprise might have.

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It is predicted that hybrid computing will dominate the market over the next five years

Customers will also get a library of operating environment images, where one person will be able to deploy composable infrastructure, streamlining the delivery of IT services, and enable IT to better respond to line of business (LOB’s) changing needs.

It is predicted that hybrid computing will dominate the market over the next five years, so it makes sense to help them every users who want to move push their resources across the border between private and public cloud as easily as possible, HPE general manager Antonio Neri said.

HPE Synergy is designed to support numerous existing systems from big names including Arista, CapGemini, Chef, Docker, Microsoft, Nvidia and VMware.

It will come to customers directly and via channel partners  from the second quarter of 2016. Pricing will be announced at launch sooon.

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