How do producers set up security system for the new Android BlackBerry Priv?

In the huge mobile phone market, each brand has its own feature as a highlight that can distinguish itself from other components. BlackBerry is not an exception that it has a great security system. One additional feature is its unique operating system RIM like iPhone with iOS. But a new smart phone released recently uses Android operating system, which means that BlackBerry has to solve the security issues on this millions users operating system.

The Priv comes just on time of a new attack by hackers with the three malwares on 20.000 applications including many legitimate ones. Maybe the ambition of BlackBerry is to set up an ultimate security system on Android which has never seen before. So why do they do that? Let’s check it out!

There’s a saying “No one is perfect”, so does the security system. There will be at least one weak point for the virus to exploit. So the most important method to find against malwares is to regularly update new versions to fix the weak point. BlackBerry keep updating on Priv operating system every month. In the market, only Samsung and LG have the same policy but just for particular devices.

BlackBerry also provides its smart phones with a repair mechanism

Moreover, BlackBerry also provides its smart phones with a repair mechanism that allows it to promptly fix the gap of the security system to avoid being attack by the bugs. We should know how effective it is when it is applied on device in reality.

Another way to protect the mobile phone is to develop software to inspect the apps before installing or blocking and deleting the malwares early. For BlackBerry Priv, software called DTEK is responsible for detecting malwares. Moreover, a build-in password controller with the same function as 1Password or LastPass is also used by BlackBerry. These methods of security are familiar but users seem to ignore all of them when recommended. In fact, these methods are really effective.

A possible and interesting method applied by Apple is the fingerprint detector is not applied by BlackBerry. Mr. David Kleidermacher, CSO of BlackBerry stated that BlackBerry doesn’t apply it because it’s “too easy to hack” and it’s “not a strong enough authentication mechanism”. BlackBerry only apply the traditional means of security such as password and PINs code.

Although the Priv offers many security method, BlackBerry still cannot solve the most important one is that it still uses the App Store. App Store allows other carrier like Amazon to bring apps into it, so the issue of infectious apps is slipped in is inevitable. Apple is very successful with iTunes, a separated place of the same function as App Store is to provide users with apps and services. The exclusive iTunes enable Apple to take the control over the apps thoroughly. Instead, BlackBerry uses a newly published Android For Work system to keep the personal applications like Gmail in a safe and particular part in your phone. Even if you phone is infected with malwares, they are still unable to steal your confidential information without penetrating the partition.

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