How to speed up 3G on Android devices

No one wants to surf the Internet with slow data speeds. Staring at the rotating wheel of a loading video is not a pleasant experience. However, help is at hand thanks to the solution found by one of the famous XDA developers, Bahathir. Keep reading to know the way to speed up your 3G internet connection on your Android device.

Warning: Though this hack has been checked to ensure your device’s safety, any operation which involves rooting a device may lead to problems.

What does speeding up your 3G data involve?

To optimize your connection you are recommended to modify your Android device configuration file which is available at the root directory of Android device. In doing so, you can enable what is known as “Van Jacobson TCP / IP header compression“, which will almost double up your 3G connection speed of your Android device instantly. However, the effectiveness of the hack is dependent on whether or not your carrier has support for this.

How to speed up 3G on Android devices

What do you need before getting started?

  • Have the rooted Android device.
  • Download the 7z file: the folder which contains the amended version of the file already in your system folder which needs to be replaced for this to work.
  • Install the ES File Explorer or Root Explorer on your Android device: a file manager compatible with root to let you enter the system folders and change file permissions.

How to speed up 3G data on your Android device?

  • Download the archive 7z and unzip the file with an archive manager like 7Zip. You will find a file named options.
  • Copy the downloaded Options.7z file into your device memory by using an USB cable to connect to your PC or using the SD card, if available.
  • Install and open ES File Manager (or Root Explorer) and give it root permissions by going to menu> Root Explorer> ON> confirm
  • Now find the options file from within the ES File Manage (long press it and select Copy) which was previously moved to the device.
  • Now go to the location: (device) “/ system / etc / ppp” and paste options file, which you just copied, into it.
  • Now you need change the permissions of the options file, (tap and hold on it: more> Properties> Edit (Permissions)> activate the three permissions in readable (owner, group, other), deactivate the three in writing, and activate the three in execute. Now tap OK. Next to Permissions you will see the writing like “r-x r-x r-x.”
  • Reboot your device.

That’s all. You now can check your 3G internet connection speed from by installing the app and run some tests. Depending on the current online traffic and the server to which you are connected, the test result may vary – try it a few times for the average.

If you found that this hack is not working for you to speed up your 3G connection then simply delete the Options file you copied earlier in the folder “/system/etc/ppp” and your Android device 3G configurations will be reverted.

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