Microsoft to build first UK data centres for cloud service

Microsoft is going to enable its cloud service from Britain for the very first time. The software giant has just released a major investment in UK data centers. With this significant plan, Windows maker finally offers its cloud service from its own centre in UK.

In fact, the company tends to build two centres in the UK next year, its chief executive Satya Nadella stated at the Future Decoded conference hosted by Microsoft.

According to the statement, Microsoft will spend $2 billion building out its European cloud infrastructure, and with two data centers, the company is ambitious to create a new UK cloud region that will offer Azure and Office 365 from late 2016.

This significant investment will let the businesses and governments that use Microsoft’s cloud services consist of Azure and Office 365 protect data of customers and citizens which must be kept in the UK as laws. Previously, businesses would have applications powered by data centres in Ireland or the Netherlands.

Chief executive Satya Nadella made an annoucement at the Future Decoded conference hosted by Microsoft

In addition to Azure and Office 365, Microsoft also has plan to host its Dynamics CRM Online service in the U.K. data centers, aiming the services at government organizations, regulated industries and other businesses.

In fact, many customers in the UK are already using services operated out of Ireland and the Netherlands, and Microsoft is developing both of these operations to provide additional capacity.

Now, UK-based hosting will open up Microsoft‘s cloud services even to the UK government.  UK Ministry of Defence is reported to intend to make use of the UK facility. The new offering will also appeal to companies that force to keep data within the country due to regulatory requirements, such as some of those operating in banking and finance.

It is said the UK government spends more than £1bn on data centre hosting since data protection rules force it to keep some personal data within the country. Thanks to Microsoft and Amazon new building UK data centres, government now can save a lot of money.

Being a major cloud provider, with more than $15 billion already invested, Microsoft already attaches more distinct regions around the world than any other ones. This move arguably gives the company an edge for any business with legal compliance concerns, as it’s more likely that Microsoft will have a data center subject to the right laws.

Microsoft is going to enable its cloud computing service from Britain for the very first time

Microsoft’s announce turned out less than a week after big rival – Amazon announced that it prepared a plan to build data centres for cloud computing business in the UK by early 2017. It proved that both companies are taking seriously moves by European Union data protection authorities to restrict the export of EU citizens’ personal information as well as beefing up their data processing capabilities within the EU.

Microsoft divides its worldwide network of data centers into clusters, or regions with a lists of 20 availability regions on its site.

Other tech giant such as Amazon and Google are also directly investing around the world to sell on-demand cloud service, which permit businesses to outsource functions such as data storage and IT software without upfront hardware costs.

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