Mirror-less cameras – the raise of a new age?

Just a few years ago for professional photographers, Digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) is the only choice for their job. But the raise of mirror-less cameras in the market is really a challenge for Canon, the king of DSLR camera for the worldwide market. Sony is the most concerned brand on this new segment of camera, even the “big boss” Leica started to involve in this prosperous market.

According to statistic, in 2015, mirror-less cameras account for 26 percent the whole number of cameras in the market. Because of the new technology, there are still a lot of limitations that haven’t been modified by current science and technology. But whether or not mirror-less cameras can take the place of DSLR cameras? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of mirror-less cameras for your final judgment!

The first priorities of a mirror-less camera are its weight. A mirror-less camera is much lighter than a DSLR camera. As its name, a mirror less doesn’t have a bulky complicated reflex mirror system which takes up a large room in the body of the camera. So you can see that the size of a mirror-less is smaller than that of a DSLR. Imagine that you have to hang your camera the whole day on the neck, the weight of the camera will make a big different. Otherwise, the reduction in the size of a camera will make it easy to bring along with you on your business or holidays.


The raise of mirror-less cameras in the market is really a challenge for Canon

The next advantage of mirror-less camera is its quietness. Not using the reflex mirrors system, a mirror-less camera can shoot without any sound. For someone who need the absolute focus, this feature can satisfy them and also not bother other people. For example when you have to take pictures in the hospital or shoot animals in the wild. Furthermore, the dust cannot easily fall into the sensor as a DSLR, which decrease the quality of a picture. So the cleaning of the camera is much easier.

Almost all of the mirrors-less cameras are equipped with an Electronic View Finder (EVF) which has more technological functions that an Optical View Finder (OVF) cannot satisfy. Most of the users prefer EVF because of its multi-functions in displaying direct information on the viewfinder screen such as histogram or focus peaking. Otherwise, EVF users can easily capture their pictures in every light condition even the strong and direct light from the sun with little effect on the eyes.

The most important factor is image quality. Nowadays, the image quality of mirror-less cameras is considered to be equal, even better than that of DSLR cameras. The latest model Sony A7R Mark II is judged to have the best sensor with 98 marks scored by DxoMark, the highest score in all model of camera. In reality, the pictures taken by high-end mirror-less cameras have even more vivid and brilliant color than the DSLR cameras.

However, there are some disadvantages of mirror-less cameras. The most noticeable drawback is the battery capacity is low because the EVF consumes a lot of power. The other one is the limitations of lens compatible with mirror-less camera. But these drawbacks are completely resolvable  by the breakthroughs in technology.

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