Pebble’s first circular smartwatch is all about style

The smartwatch maker makes some concessions in function to achieve a stylish and circular form.

The new member of Pebble Time lineup is Pebble Time Round. As its name suggests, it is a circular version of the Time smartwatch. Pebble Time Round is the first round-faced watch from Pebble. According to CEO Eric Migicovsky, Pebble “wanted to make something small and classic looking.”

The Time Round has the same color e-paper screen as its siblings, the Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel. It runs Pebble’s latest OS and has a timeline feature to keep tabs on upcoming events.


It is thinner and lighter with band comes in 14mm and 20mm widths which is ideal for small wrists. The default trap is made of leather but can be replaced by a metal one for $50. A housing that measures 38.5 mm across and 7.5 mm thin is really small in comparison with other smartwatches such as Apple’s 42mm and 38 m watch. The Time Round comes in black, silver and rose gold.

The Time Round is, for sure, the most elegant Pebble smartwatch. But style come at a cost. Pebble has make a number of concession to achieve a fashionable look: shorter battery life, no water resistance and small screen.

While former Pebble watches already impressed us by their battery life when compared to competitors. Pebble’s Time and Time Steel offer battery life in rage of five to seven and seven to ten days, respectively. The Apple Watch survive for 1 days in a full charge. Pebble Round Time’s battery life is estimated to be roughly two days on a single charge. Make up for that, Pebble says 15 minutes of charge time will be enough for a day use.

Another downside of Pebble Time Round is that it is not an eater-resistant watch and it Time teammates. Time and Time Steel are both water-resistant up to 30 meters and can be worn when swimming. Time Round is only “splash-resistant” which means it can be wet but cannot swim or have a bath. If you want a device for tracking swim laps, this is not ideal for you.

But perhaps the biggest downside of Time Round is about the display. The watch housing isn’t all for display, as other circular smartwatches are. There is a thick bezel surrounding the screen, which make the screen roughly 25.4 mm of one inch. The standard Pebble Time’s screen is 1.25 inch. Pebble CEO said back in September that the bezel is there for a design perspective. Smaller screen means lesser information, lesser lines displayed. It affects the overall experience after all.

Outside these downside, Time Round remains same features of a Pebble Time smartwatch: it connects to your phone, putting important notification to the screen. You also can disable notifications on certain times when you don’t want to be disturbed by “Quite Time”. There will be 90 compatible apps and over 275 watch faces for Time Round users to choose.

Pebble Time Round was available for pre-ordering since September at $249 and will be available in stores on Nov 8. If style is important to you, Pebble Time Round is worth considering. Otherwise, the circular watch may not be a good deal.

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