Some Common Nighttime Beauty Habits You Need To Quit

Modern life, work pressure or demand of entertainment are the causes of nighttime bad habits for human beings. Some people think that those bad habits does not affect to their life or their health or even their beauty. But there are certain bad habits that really affect us in a negative way. Quitting these habits is a possible thing. Let’s learn to identify the issues now so that you can stop them and continue living a more beautiful life! Following are some common nighttime beauty habits you need to quit:

Not Removing Makeup: During the day, all kinds of grime which stick on top of your face (and the makeup you have on) create opportunity for bacteria to fester. So, it is necessary for you to wash makeup off. Just take a few minutes you can give your face a good clean with a makeup wipe. Not removing makeup is really a bad habits which can bring adverse impact on your skin such as acne, or big pores.

Makeup 1

Checking Your Phone: nowadays, young people often use and check their smartphone even when they are in bed. This habit is very harmful to their health and their skin.

In order to get a sound sleep, we need to put the phone away or turn it off. Some studies have shown that looking at a bright screen before you go to sleep means that you put your brain into a state of not being able to shut off.  Thus, going to sleep will be much harder if you access Facebook, Zalo, Skype or Instagram. Plus, you’ll sleep less and get up with red circles under your eyes.


Staying Up Too Late: Sometimes, you stay up late for some reasons. Maybe, you have a lot of things to finish before tomorrow morning, or maybe you are busy with watching your favorite movies or programs.


But do you know staying up too late leave bad consequences? Night is the time for your body to take a good rest. Without suitable rest, you will feel extremely tired. This will also lead to poor blood circulation around the eyes. As a consequence, it causes the dark circles or blood streak in the white of the eye. The period between 11:00 pm to 6:00 am in the next day is the beauty time. If your body does not have adequate rest, the consequences will be reflected on the skin. Some problems such as pale face, dark spots and acne will appear.

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