Tips for Tipping

Tipping, in developed countries, is typical as a way to say “thank you” to those who have offered you a good services. However, knowing who to tip, who is worth tipping and how much money is suitable are quite difficult and still remain as a controversial topic. While some people think that giving too liberally seems like the way to show off, others strongly believe that not giving or giving too illiberally may seem ungrateful and impolite. In some situation, tipping is an optional choice based on whether you feel comfortable with the services or not; in others, tipping are so expected that this behavior may make customers annoyed. However, it is obvious that tipping is one part of our daily life. Here are some valuable tips, tricks on tipping for those who concern.

Tips for Tipping


You should always give tips which cost about 15-20% of the total services’ prices for Hair stylists & Barbers, Taxi Driver, Waiters and Waitresses, Massage Therapists, Animal Groomers. With Bartenders, 10-15% of the services’ costs are appropriate considering the difficulty of your order. With Bag sellers, you should spend a $2 tip for a single bag or a $1 tip per bag for multiple bags.


Sometimes, you also could give tips for Bus & Limo drivers if you feel grateful for their dedicated work. The suitable amount per tip is $1 for each passenger but you should cheek the company’s policy as some forbid tipping. With Sommeliers or Wine Stewards, you first should to consider the amount if they took the time to share their expertise and learned about your preferences in order to make a suggestion. Normally in this case, you should tip about 15-20% of the total cost of the bottle. Besides, it is suggested to give a $10 to $20 tip for movers in each light moves and up to $50 tip for larger moves.


On holidays, people tend to give more tips to express their thankful to those who still work on the day off. So, it is advice to tip about $15 to $50 for handyman or lawn service that you use regularly, about $20 to $50 for yard maintenance crew, and about $10 to $30 for paper delivers. With your house and pool cleansers, it is polite to tip up to the total cost of one visit as a reasonable “thank you”. Also, you should spend 15% of the cost of each visit for pet sitters and pooper scoopers.
If tipping is unavoidable in your daily life, it is smart to learn how much tipping is enough and those who are worth your tipping.

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