Tips to Maximize Your Free Storage Space on Dropbox

Dropbox undoubtedly has become one of the dominants in the cloud market. It is backup cloud storage service provider for most online, offline, desktop or mobile apps and services. Thanks to Dropbox, we have a place to safely park our files as well as data.

It is great for storing photos and videos, hosting static websites and safekeeping and sharing various other stuffs with friends and co-workers. Its wonderful features help to solve many of our real-life problems, and it works so well that ironically users always regularly run out of  storage space.


Dropbox undoubtedly has become one of the dominants in the cloud market

Moreover, the company probably offers more freebies than just about any other providers. For anyone who creat an account, they are given a paltry 2 GB of free space automatically. However, the main problem here is  it gives you only 2 GB of initial free storage. For most of us who work and play online, that’s far from enough. The following are some tips for users to  get more storage for free. The catch is   helping the Dropbox team grow to get chunk of the free space they offer, by doing things like:

Finish the “Get Started” tour ( 250 MB)

Almost users who have been on Dropbox will probaby have gone through the “Get Started” tour, which is basically Dropbox Basics 101. Just complete any five of the seven quests, which introduce you how to setup this cloud service on your computer or mobile device anyways, and you get a 250 MB as a reward from it.

Invite a Friend (16GB)

 The most common way to get extra storage is to refer a friend. With each person you get to sign up , the popular cloud provider will add 500MB of free space to your account. You can get up to 16GB of space with this method, though Dropbox is ubiquitous enough that you probably won’t have much like finding 32 friends that haven’t signed up for Dropbox. If you want to get ambitious, you can use Google AdWords to promote your referral link.

Get social with Dropbox

If you connect your Dropbox account to Facebook, Twitter account or following Dropbox on Twitter, you will get 125 MB of free space.

Pandering on social networks for extra space is a little taboo, but you can still seek out a little extra space by connecting your accounts. Though you may be asked to invite other users on the social sites.


If you connect your Dropbox account to other social network ones, you will get 125 MB of free space

Watch for device bonuses

For users who are using cloud with a new device, keep an eye out for promotional offers. While they’re not always available, the company has offered up to 48GB of space for two years when you log in on a new Samsung or HTC phone. These offers pop up now and then on phones and tablets, so ask about them the next time you’re out shopping.

Give feedback (125 MB)

 By sending feedback to Dropbox team, show why you love their popular cloud storage services, and they’ll be happy to offer you a bonus storage space of 125 MB in your Dropbox account. Free 125 MB when you praise Dropbox and give love feedback for them.

Use Mailbox app (1 GB)

Dropbox has a similar promotion for its Mailbox app. Get 1 GB of bonus space when you start using Mailbox, a completely redesigned inbox that makes email light, fast, and mobile-friendly. To earn the free 1 GB space, download and install the app. But unfortunately, this one is only available for iOS, however logging in once gives you the space permanently. So it may be worth a quick trip to the Apple store.

You can also check Dropbox‘s Get More Space page to find any other tasks you can complete to earn more space.

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