Tips to relieve breast pain during pregnancy

Breast pain is one of the symptoms that show you’re pregnant. But when your breasts are changing, they can make you feel uncomfortable during 9 months of pregnancy. Below are some tips that can help you relieve this uncomfort:

Use fit bra

Put two cabbage leaves inside the bra can relieve breast pain for moms
Put two cabbage leaves inside the bra can relieve breast pain for moms

Your beast can increase 2 sizes (cups) during pregnancy period so lift them with fit bra can reduce the pain into the lowest level. Avoid wearing bra with frames because they can constrain your breasts and hurt your milk glands; moreover, the road junction may irritate your sensitive skin.

Cool your breasts

When your hormones level is stable in about the first trimester, your breasts will be less sensitive although they might still hurt and hot during pregnancy. Many pregnant women say that their breasts are like two bags of hot water.

Cool breasts with ice can relieve that burning feeling. You can also cool your breasts by cool towels, bags of frozen fruits or put two cabbage leaves inside your bra.

Wear bra when sleeping

During the first few weeks of pregnancy, hormone estrogen and progesterone increase so highly that they can soften your breasts. At the same time, milk glands and fat develop to prepare to feed the children. This can make you uncomfortable in changing your position while sleeping. Wearing bra during sleeping can help your bra not to move too much so that you can have better sleep. Pick cotton bra so your skin can breathe and have cool air.

Use skin cream

When your breasts grow, they can be a little itching and more sensitive or even stretch. Natural moisturizers such as sheep fat lanolin, cream containing cocoa butter and shea butter can moisturize and soften skin, reduce the irritation and the formation of breasts stretch. You can put cream in the cooler compartment to increase the cooling effect for breast.

Clean your breasts regularly but don’t use soap, especially around nipples to reduce itching and irritation.

“Don’t touch the “artifacts”!”

Tingling pain and itching are what you have to endure when your breasts are touched. Your breasts are still painful and sensitive, now blood vessels will cover the whole breasts. Your husband may be impressed with your new size of breasts but you don’t need to hesitate to let him touch them.

He will not understand your feeling (of course, the number of pregnant men in the world can just be counted in a hand and your husband is definitely out of them). Explain to your husband so he can understand that he needs to be softer because at that time your body is very sensitive and fragile.

Tell dad that mom’s breasts are very sensitive during pregnancy
Tell dad that mom’s breasts are very sensitive during pregnancy

Taking warm baths

Some women feel less painful when they take baths in warm water, while others say that it just makes the situation worse. If you’re in the first group, you can apply this relaxing therapy. Remember to control water temperature. The best way is to put the water temperature as much as yours or under 37 Celsius degree. Too hot water can harm the baby in your stomach. Besides, avoid using soaps, shower gels with fragrance or products which irritate skin easily.

Natural medicine

Doctors will be willing to provide medicine that can help you relieve breast pain. But if you want to treat by natural methods, there are some ways that you can try:

– The essence of calendula and Roman daisy reduce pain and inflammation quite effectively. You can put one pocket of daisy tea in your breasts to reduce swollen areas.

– Calc. flour, Vitamin E and Silica are proved to reduce itching; however always ask doctors for instructions before using any kinds of pharmaceuticals during pregnancy.

Drink more water

Whether you believe or not, a glass of water helps reduce the pain and the erection of breasts. Water accumulation worsens the situation so anything that helps your body lose water is good.

You need to avoid eat salt and caffeine; instead, drink natural teas which are good for pissing such as dill, dandelion. Vitamin B6 is also useful in this situation.

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