Top latest technological equipment at CES 2016

  1. Zuta Pocket Printer

Zuta Pocket Printer

Zuta Labs announced that they created the printer suitable for all workspaces: “We have created a small printer robot which can move on paper and implement printing in that process. This printer is small, it is not currently possible to print on different paper sizes, but it certainly is a mobile printer.”

  1. Whirlpool HybridCare

This is the new product drying clothes of Whirlpool Hybridcare with Hybrid Heat Pump technology. It is designed to renew energy during the drying process and reduce energy consumption while still providing inherent speed performance and flexibility.

  1. Venue 8 7000 Series

The latest version of Venue 8 is the thinnest tablet in the world today with a thickness of only 6 mm. It is also the first device equipped with Intel Realsense Snapshot Depth Camera. Besides, tablet screen technology and new Dell Gallery app are also very impressive.

  1. The eye tracker tribe

Considered a technological breakthrough in eye tracking, The eye tracker tribe is the smallest eye tracking device today, the first device to use USB 3.0 and costs under $ 100.

  1. The Dash

Being the first wireless headset in the world, this smart headset will give you the freedom of movement, maximum comfort, attractive sounds. In addition, it also helps keep track of your health by counting the number of your footsteps.

  1. Swiftpoint GT

The world’s first mouse allows fully natural touch manipulations without having to touch the screen or a touch screen. It supports all the 10/8/7 Windows operating systems, Mac, iPad, Android. The design is compact and unique. In addition, it has features such as Bluetooth and Wireless USB.

  1. Sproutling Baby Monitor

Sproutling is the first child-tracking device to help track, analyze, feel about the child’s sleep accompanied by the provision of information on the conditions for optimal sleep.

  1. Sony A7S Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

This is the smallest Full Frame camera in the world with a changeable lens tube. Sony A7S will have high sensitivity, low noise, spectacular 4K video capturing quality. It promises to be the ideal product for photographers and professional videographers.

  1. Snap

This is an indoor and outdoor LED with the integration of Camera 720 HD IP, microphone and loudspeaker. It also has many functions such as recording and playback, activating through voice and movement, recognizing faces and strange behaviors in the house like the home security equipment today.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Galaxy Note Edge blends the best experience of Note 4 with a 2nd screen visually. A more improved S Pen will help create for Samsung Galaxy Note Edge the most innovative and powerful mobile experience in the market.

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