Top most creative technological products at CES 2016

  1. Samsung 105 inch UN105S9B

Samsung 105 inch UN105S9B

Samsung 105-inch UN105S9B is the first curved and the world’s largest TV SUHD. With a frame rate of 21:9, true, vivid color display, high-contrast, this impressive model provides an experience completely new at home.

  1. Qualcomm WiPower

Qualcomm WiPower is capable of wireless charging via radio frequency, providing a greater flexibility for the design and layout of components inside the device.

  1. Powered by InfoMotion software suite

The 94 Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball app is used for basketball athletes. It helps provide information about pitch speed, ball spin… in every lay up, thereby helping them to work out plan better.

  1. Parrot RNB 6

The Android 2-DIN Infotainment system will enhance your driving experience with supporting navigation and drive, supporting steering wheel control, connecting with other vehicle systems, advanced music software with the accompanying effects.

  1. Noke

Noke is the first Bluetooth padlock in the world to protect your property and belongings without a key. You can share access with others through Noke app on mobile.

  1. NightHawk

NightHawk is a semi-open style headphones, it represents a leap forward in design and engineering of high-end headphones, including a number of patents such as materials friendly with the environment. It is also the type of headphone priced best in this segment.

  1. Multi-function Air Light (Z-Air)

Z-Air is a ceiling fan with blades tucked away and air purification capability. Besides, an aesthetic LED lamp, simplicity and ease of installation, high automation in the use and operation are also the advantages of this product.

  1. iHealth Align

This glucose-measuring machine is plugged directly into your smartphone via the headphone port, displays the results instantly on the phone through a mobile app. The compact size and easy portability make it the most convenient tool used to monitor diabetes.

  1. iCam HD Pro

Icam HD Pro is the latest device of Amaryllo participating in the smart security equipment market for your house. This is the new invention with features as recording HD, tracking motion, rotating 360-degree and allowing users to observe every corner of their houses.

  1. Fuel3D Scanner

The Fuel3D is described as a portable scanning system with the most reasonable price. It gives 3D with high resolution and can capture various colors used for a variety of other creative software.

  1. Fidelio B5 Wireless Surround-on-Demand Soundbar

Philips Fidelio B5 is the latest Soundbar speaker with wireless speakers removable. It can provide real sound – the idea called “Surround-on-Demand” by Philips.

  1. Estelon Extreme

A revolution in leading speakers of Estelon will be known to be “Extreme”, a monumental sculpture for each speaker. It is capable of generating soundscapes with highest quality.

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