Top small business phone systems

In the current developing technology era, it is crucial to make certain that whenever your clients need your support, they can easily reach your company. It is essential that you prepared a solid communications system and strategy to invest in high-quality business phone system, especially when you are a small business.

Here are Top 3 phone systems recommended if you are looking for a phone system suiting for your small company.

Top small business phone systems


That 8×8 received the Number 1 Market Leader Award will give you an ease of its quality. One of the most amazing features of 8×8 is that it is different from the traditional landline phone systems as you merely need high-speed Internet access and IP phones if you want to use this system.

8×8 has provided services for customers in more than 100 countries with free setup as well as free cancellation and considered the best industry SLA of 99.997% uptime. Even though it has offered a low cost service, 8×8 is easy to setup and use because of the cloud-based VoIP phone system, plus able to affirm its reliability of permanence as well as every calling and integration feature a business needs. Customer service is also great without using any third-party call center or answering service.

Paying for any expense to operate the business is the most tired-of issue of any founder, but 8×8 with extremely cost effective is absolutely the solution that releases your burden. Even if you are running multiple offices at the same time, you will feel much easier to direct the individual offices anywhere in the multiple-office system with 8×8 to make each small office be able to become a “virtual large office”.

If you still feel anxious, search for the reviews about 8×8 and see the reasons why vast founders of small businesses choose to use this system in several years and have no intention to change.

Ooma Office

This one is the most appropriate phone system for you if your business is founded with just a few employees.

Ooma Office is designed to work with any type of phones and offer all the features plus tools a small company needs for an extremely low cost. You only need around 20 minutes to set up this system without any added wires. It requires no extensive training to use and can be updated or maintained by anyone even if that one is not a phone system expertise.

Ooma Office is a user-friendly system with online portal categorized into five main sections which are home, manage, account, add-ons and support. It offers the most necessary features to small companies, such as the virtual receptionist which not only directs your client to specific employees, but also provide information on your business to them. Another impressive feature is the ring group option which supports you to group employees by departments to directed make a call to the particular group of them.

Before making your decision to use Ooma Office or not, you could receive a 30-day risk-free trial. If you decide that this system does not fit the demands of your business, you will be able to receive all of your money back.


This system is astonishing customers when it can accommodate up to 1,000 users, which is so great for a small company.

More than 30,000 companies has decided to use Shoretel which integrates with Outlook and Popular CRMs. Shoretel has offered all of the basic features a mid-sized business needs, such as caller ID, transfers, blocking, and hold, plus unified messaging, instant messaging, automated attendant and more. Shoretel has the lowest TCO, which means the fastest VoIP ROI. In addition, users can personalize the phone notifications and even the voicemail recording.

Using Shoretel you also can use some collaboration tools. The most worth-noted one is conferencing abilities, which helps you set up a conference call with a moderator, offer hand-raise and muting options.

However, there is a drawback when choosing to use Shoretel is that this system do not support for an live chat customer support feature which may be necessary for some companies, even though they are merely a mid-sized organization.

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