What is the best way to drink water in the morning

A glass of water in the morning is not only making you refresher, but also good for your health. Then what kind of water and how to drink? Let’s take a look at some suggestions below.

What kind of water?

Scientists recommend drinking a glass of water in the morning. Because mineral water is an unprocessed source of water coming from natural underground water so it is really good for health. Besides, calcium and magnesium in mineral water also helps body prevent heart diseases. It is said that, drinking dilute bittern in the morning is “an effective dose” which helps body avoid tiredness all day.

In fact, this is wrong. According to scientific studies, during sleep at night, the operation of organs: respiration, metabolism, sweating…still happens, even more strongly. Therefore, when you wake up early in the morning, your body is quite dehydrated so it needs to be added more water immediately. Salt water does not help add water, it actually makes you feel even thirtier.

Furthermore, morning is the time when blood pressure reaches it highest point in the day, so drinking salt water in the morning might make blood pressure get too high which is very dangerous.

drink water in the morning

Juice and carbonated water shouldn’t be drunk in the morning. Because these drinks contain some substances making calcium-release process in blood faster.

Usually drinking these in the morning could be the reason of your lack of calcium.

How is water temperature?

A lot of people tend to drink cold water in the morning to make themselves refresher.

But do you know that over night our, stomach turns into “an empty vessel”. If you drink too cold or too hot water, it can have bad influences on your stomach, increase the risk of gastric ulcer. Therefore, drinking a glass of warm water at the temperature of 20 to 25°C not only boosts blood circulation, but also helps body improve its resistance.

How much water is enough?

How much is enough for a glass of water in the morning? If you need to drink 7 to 8 glasses of water per day  (which approximate 2 liters of water per day), then every morning you should drink 300 ml of water to help your body stay healthy all day long.

How to drink properly?

The best way to drink water is to drink it when your stomach is empty. Because drinking water after eating can’t help you improve your blood circulation.

When you drink water, you should drink in small mouthfuls and not too fast. Drinking too fast will make it hard to absorb and you to choke on water.

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