Who can catch sexually transmitted diseases?

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are illnesses mostly damaging human fertility (vagina, uterus, ovary, oviduct, penis, and testicle)

Nowadays, there are about 20 types of STDs. The most common ones are gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, chancroid, and vaganitis. Some can be cured; some can’t be like HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B…

Germs stay in genital pap smears, bumps, ulcers, blood…then infect through scratches when having sex (syphilis, chancroid), germs also adhere to genital mucosa (gonorrhea, flagellate, fungus).

sexually transmitted diseases

Who can catch STDs?

Anyone who has had sex has the risk of STDs: people who have indiscriminate, unsafe sex, people have many lovers; people work as prostitues, people use drugs especially ectasy, juvenile and adolescent from 15 to 25 years old. Female have higher risk of STDs than male, especially young ones because a higher frequency of sex can easily damage vaginal mucosa, which gives the way to STDs, infection and HIV/AIDS.

Most STDs are latent, female are more likely to catch them than male, but they are also hard to be detected. Therefore, it really dangerous that you don’t go for a checkup because you don’t know when you caught the disease, or you don’t notice to prevent for the others which makes it easy for the disease to spread across the community. Patients usually shy, have inferiority complex, want to hide their condition when signs of the disease appear instead of going to the doctor for a checkup. They buy medicines themselves so they can’t get rid of the disease totally. The cured diseases are getting fewer while the intractable, incurable ones are increasing.

How to prevent STDs?

To prevent STDs, you should have a healthy sex life, one husband one wife relationship, and use condom to prevent the infection. Keep your genitalia clean. Have periodic checkup, 2 times per year to detect the disease early just in case.

Female need to go to specialized medical center and have some tests in these circumstances: have had many lovers or the lover has had many lovers; had sex with people have STDs (who have tested positive for one of the STDs). People who have anamnesis or STDs recrudesce. They need to have a periodic checkup to do some tests.

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