Why isn’t everyone moving to the cloud?

It is obvious that cloud plays an important role in the development of technology sector. It not only helps to increase efficiency and effectiveness to promote businesses’ productivity, but cloud computing service also helps to reduce a lot of costs such as spending on workforce, IT operating costs, capital costs and infrastructure expense. Despite so many strong points of clouds, there are still some people, regions, countries which have not moved to the clouds yet. According to the survey of countries making big strides to improve their cloud readiness, Japan holds the number one position followed by Australia, United States, Germany and Singapore respectively. However, if you are wondering why not adopting clouds, here are some reasons.



About 60% of people blamed not adopting clouds for its price. Even it is often said that price of cloud computing services are variable based on pay-per-use bandwidth, its price is still high compared to the market. In three kinds of cloud computing as public, private and hybrid, public cloud is regarded as the cheapest. However, the price of all kinds can be forecasted and calculated.

Technology unknown

According to a survey of 720 respondents, 43.8% of people don’t move to the cloud due to technology unknown. In some developing countries, technology seems quite strange to their daily life. For example, some countries in Africa rarely have changes to approach the latest technology news such as the introduction of clouds.

Not well understood

It may sound stupid; however, approximate 42% of respondents don’t adopt the cloud because of unclear understanding. In fact, a lot of smart phone users don’t take advantage of clouds because they don’t have high demand on transferring file, controlling confidential data, or their work is not related to technology field. Therefore, some people feel not interested in “clouds” topic; others think it is not necessary to have a deep or even overall understanding of cloud computing.


Security is one of remaining cloud users’ concerns. Great threats in a cloud computing environment are data loss and data leakage. If your information is confidential, you need to protect it carefully; however, the cloud computing package coming with high security tends to be quite expensive. Public clouds seem to be cheaper compared to another types but it may bring a lot of negative potentials such as data loss.

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