Women’s common skin problems

When women are turning into 30, their skin begins to degrade with melasma, freckles, dryness, wrinkles and skin aging. If your skin doesn’t get the right care, these signs will become more apparent and make you look older.

Below are women’s common skin problems when they are turning 30.

Women's common skin problems


Melasma is a condition which little, dark spots appear on facial skin. Melasma usually appears in the form of parches particularly on cheeks, nose, forehead and chin…

Scientifically, melasma is the accumulation of dark pigments on skin surface. For some reasons, the number of dark pigments increases then gathers in some areas of the skin, makes these areas change color, which causes melasma.

Melasma’s target

– Postpartum women

– Women turning 30

– Women who have been exposed too much to the sun

– People who abuse of skin whitening products


– Hormones: The change or disorder of hormones affects the production process of dark pigments causing melasma. During pregnancy and puberty, when hormones change the most, melasma easily appears on women’s face.

– Sunlight: The effect of UV rays also makes melasma appear. That is why the areas of skin which are usually exposed to sunlight have higher chance of melasma.

– Comestics: Some comestics which are used for a long time could easily cause skin to become weaker, be removed…and lead to melasma.

– Mental health: Stress, tiredness, anxiety

– Blood imbalance

– Hereditary cause


Freckles are flat, circular spots that typically are the size of the head of a common nail. These spots appear randomly on skin, especially on people with a fair complexion.

Freckles vary in colors – they may be reddish, yellow, tan, light brown, brown or black – but they are always darker than the surrounding skin due to the accumulation of pigment called melanin.


– Skin aging: Before turning 30, skin starts to age, become less elastic and also skin cells don’t get enough water and oil so they cause freckles.

– Hormone disorder

– Sunlight

– Hereditary cause

– People have a fair complex: Their body doesn’t produce enough melanin, therefore freckles appear after puberty and during manhood.

Skin Aging

From the age of 20, skin starts to have signs of aging. The older you get, especially when you turning from 30s to 40, the aging signs become apparent.

– After 25: Skin starts to become thiner, drier and less oil, skin color also starts changing, especially the cheeks.

– After 27: Skin is dry and starts having blurring wrinkles, melasma, freckles, and accumulating keratinocytes on skin surface.

– After 30: Signs of aging become more apparent: dry skin, clear wrinkles, melasma and dark freckles, sagging skin, less firm…

Depending on body and the way you take care of your skin, signs of aging vary from person to person. If you know how to take good care of your skin from inside, you can absolutely prevent and slow down the aging process.


– Subjective reasons:

・ Age

・ Stressful, pressured mind

・ Illogical diet and rest

– Objective reasons:

・ The environment

・ Using improper comestics

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