Recently Yahoo introduced a Yahoo Mail app that does not require password and enables users to operate their email accounts on, Hotmail and even AOL Mail. However, there was no word on whether Gmail and iCloud Mail would be in sync with this app. The new password-free Yahoo Mail will function on both PCs and mobile devices.


This may be considered as a step further to improve security of Yahoo after the launch of “secure disposable passwords capability” this March. It is still not stated that the feature free of password unveiled owns the same requirement to switch off the 2-factor authentication as the earlier feature.

It is obvious that Yahoo Mail is trying to do something to remain their stay after many years being repeatedly attacked by hackers. Especially early last year, an unknown number of users had their account passwords stolen, which resulted in the action of Yahoo’s resetting users’ passwords. However, according to Mike Jude, Frost & Sullivan’s research manager, the new feature seems to be their “one of desperation” to prove that they are trying to “stay in the game”. Meanwhile, Google is very successful in creating an identical system from email, applications, search service on the Internet, cloud storage and many other things. Yahoo, on the other hand, acted as a “news outlet” with search capability “for fun and profit”, yet “it’s always been a niche kind of thing”, said Jude.

Gmail is now taking the lead of global email client market. In July, it took up 16% of the total amount, more than four times higher than Yahoo. Outlook and had 8.5% and 4.3%, respectively.

The new Yahoo Mail now has a feature called Yahoo Account Key, which allows users to sign in their accounts by push notifications. To access the account via Account Key, users need to browse the sign-in interface of Yahoo and type their username (or email address) before clicking Continue. Yahoo will then send a key for the account that is created by its servers. After that, users will click on Yes prompt. This feature functions with iOS and Android, but it does not bind by any specific devices.

Rob Enderle, Enderle Group’s principal analyst stated that a lot of people wanted to remove passwords for fear of identity theft. This is obviously a “catastrophe”. According to Symantec’s report in June, the password recovery feature provided by many email suppliers was used by hackers to access users’ accounts. Therefore, as Enderle believed, the Account Key feature brings along an obstacle for cybercriminals, “unless they figure out how to clone your phone.”

Also, a new search capability has been implemented on Yahoo Mail, which allows users to look for messages or attachments and other forms of media just by tapping on the screen. When the users insert a few letters of a contact’s name, it will automatically suggest the most likely contacts. The results can be auto-organized into the content, including mails, photos and attachments in the conversation with that contact.

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